Prohibted Items

The following items are Not eligible for shipping

All packages are subjected to customs inspection and clearance.

To avoid shipment confiscation, we recommend you to avoid shipping the items given below.

Live or Dead Animals, Insects, Animal Products (Skins, Meat, Fur including Hair Products)
Human and animal remains, Ashes
Food or Beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control
Plants & Seeds
All kinds of prohibited drugs like Cocaine, Cannabis Resin, LSD and Narcotics, Morphine and Opium, or Medical Drugs prohibited by law
Sharp Tools/Weapons
Guns and their accessories, All kinds of Weapons, Knives and Swords
Tobacco Products
Cigarettes and Tobacco.
Counterfeited Toys
Counterfeited Toys and Weapon Toys
Gambling Equipment
Lottery Tickets or Gambling Devices
Wet Packages
Wet or leaking Parcels
Pornography items and toys.
Flammable solid, liquids, or gas. Lighters with gas, Gas Cylinder (Compressed or liquefied ), Batteries, and Fireworks.
Substances cause severe damage by chemical reaction with human body.
Cash, Coins, Currency with historical value.
All types of Liquids, Alcohol
Valuable Jewelries
Gold, Diamond, Silver & Precious stones.
Liquid or Cream
Glue, Lighter Fuel, Perfume, Acetone
Military Equipment
All materials can be used for Military purposes.
For Kuwait customers only
LG brand headset, Muscle Tech Brand, Vitol, Ultirnate Nutrition Inc., Labrada Nutrition inc
Bio‚ÄźEngineered Supplement & Nutrition inc
Nutrex Resea, USP Labs LLC
Pharma Freak, ISS Research
Diamond Nutrition Inc
Nutra Bolcs, experimental & Applied Science
From China only
For Bahrain/Egypt/Qatar customers
The separated Lithium Batteries (Lithium Ion Batteries UN3480, P.I. 965). Examples: Power Banks, and (Lithium Batteries out of Electronics).

With regard to products that are unacceptable only in certain countries or are not mentioned in the list, please contact your local customs office or Posta office for more details.

Item that needs special condition or Temperature control will not be under Posta Plus responsibility.